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Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Questions

1 - How do I read my Quarterly Billing Invoice?

2 - What are your current billing rates?

3 - Why do I have administrative or late fees included in my bill?

4 - Why do I have Project Management time included in my bill?

Domain Name Registration Help

1 - I just received notice to renew my domain. How do I know if it's valid and coming from the company I have my URL with?

2 - Who's responsibility is it to renew my domain name?

E-Mail (Fastmail)

1 - I am getting an error from Fastmail saying I'm about to exceed my disk space quota, what do I do?

2 - My Fastmail account appears to be down. What can I do?

E-Mail (Forwarding)

1 - I want to keep my current E-Mail provider and have Acorn forward me my mail. Is that ok?

FTP Questions

1 - Can I have FTP access to my code?

GDPR Request/Google

1 - I want to become GDPR Compliant. How do I ensure my site is up to date and compliant with this issue?

Hosting Questions

1 - Does Acorn-IS support Server Side Includes (SSI)?

2 - What does it cost to transfer my hosting to Acorn IS?

Intell-a-Keeper Questions

1 - What is Intell-a-Keeper?

Marketing (Link Popularity Questions)

1 - How do I figure out what my Link Popularity is?

Marketing (Market Watch Questions)

1 - How much does MarketWatch cost?

2 - I don't have time to watch my statistics monthly? Can you help me?

3 - What is MarketWatch?

Marketing (Pay Per Click - PPC)

1 - How does Acorn handle 3rd Party Vendor Relationships such as Google Ad Words, Yahoo / Overture, Fast Mail, YMLP, etc.

2 - I need assistance with my PPC (Pay Per Click) accounts, can Acorn help me?

3 - I need help monitoring my PPC accounts, can Acorn help me?

Marketing (Placement & Review Questions)

1 - Does Acorn GUARANTEE high Search Engine Placement?

2 - How do I know if I have good placement in Google / Yahoo etc?

Newsletters (YMLP Questions)

1 - I want to gather E-Mail addresses and send Newsletters from my web site, can Acorn help me?


1 - How do I edit my site with Snippetmaster?

2 - I have Snippetmaster (LITE). Will Acorn still support my snippetmaster questions in this version?

Statistics Questions (Urchin)

1 - How do I access and read my Urchin Statistics?

Web Site (Change Request)

1 - How do I know how much a change request will cost me?

Web Site (Online Availablity Questions)

1 - I need to change or add my online availablity on my web site. Who does Acorn recommend?

Web Site (Photography Request)

1 - I keep hearing that I need to have professional photography taken for my web page. Can Acorn take my photos?

2 - How much does it cost to have photography taken by Acorn?