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Meet Your New Accounts Receivable Department. The one that will automate invoicing, schedule recurring payments, communicate with clients, accept payments online, track billable hours, and grow your business. BillingOrchard's all-in-one invoicing, recurring billing, and payment processing solution is designed to help small business owners save time and get paid quicker.

Conceived in 2001 from the locked office of a frustrated web designer who could not find a billing solution that simultaneously tracked time and automated recurring hosting charges, BillingOrchard continues to stick to its origins and cater to the small business owner who doesn't have the luxury of extra time and resources to devote to billing overhead.

Today, BillingOrchard continues to revolutionize the accounts receivable process with innovative products and technologies that help increase cash flow for the most important sector of the U.S. economy - the small business.

Please join us in our crusade to reinvent the accounts receivable process.

-The BillingOrchard Team

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