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Frequently Asked Questions


1 - How can i view and pay invoices issued to me?

Domain names

1 - Why does a domain name need to propagate? What does this mean?

2 - How do I renew my domain name?

3 - How do I change my domain name settings?

4 - How does the transfer in of .com .net and .org domains work?

5 - How do I Transferring In .uk domain name?

6 - What characters are allowed in a domain name?

7 - What features can be controlled online for domain names purchased from QiQ?


1 - What is an autoresponder?

2 - How do I configure email using Outlook Express?

3 - Is there a size limit for each email sent to my account?

4 - How can I prevent Spam reaching my email account?

5 - How can I prevent Viruses reaching my email account?

6 - What is a pop box?

7 - What is SMTP?

8 - How do I access web based email?


1 - Data Protection Act

2 - What is a good password?


1 - How do you print the letters?

2 - Is L-Mail really much cheaper than traditional mail?

3 - What happens to returned letters?

4 - What is L-Mail?


1 - Can you help me find an Internet Service Provider?

2 - Can you help with a problem I have with my ISP?

3 - Can I advertise on Net4Nowt?

4 - What is Net4Nowt?

Terms and conditions

1 - What are the Terms and Conditions for hosting accounts opened from 1 December 2004 onwards?

2 - What are the Terms and Conditions for hosting accounts opened before 1 December 2004?

3 - Website design terms and conditions

Web hosting

1 - How do I access my hosting control panel?

2 - How can I access my hosting statistics?

3 - Can I point multiple domain names to my account?

4 - Do you have any FAQs on PHP, cgi, mysSQL and scripts?

5 - How do I publish my web pages from my PC to my Virtual Server using Microsoft FrontPage?

6 - How do I set up Sub Domains?

7 - How do I transfer files (FTP) using the WS-FTP client?

8 - How do I use FrontPage extensions on my account?

9 - I am unable to log in to Web Builder tool

10 - I am unable to send outgoing email - can you help?

11 - What should the permissions be set to for PHP scripts?

12 - What do my web statistics mean?

13 - What is the specification of your web hosting?